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Make Your Presence Your Strength & Real

Image Management is an art of creating an image that reflects from “INSIDE OUT”. Developing your inner strengths and at the same time reflect them on the outside through your appearance, behaviour & communication leads to positive Self-Image and a confident “YOU”. Projecting an image as per your personal traits, attributes makes it more authentic and helps you succeed in personal & professional life.

What Will You Learn

  • Mindset of acceptance and evolution
  • How to project an authentic ‘YOU’ & your story
  • How to go beyond boring /mundane
  • How your image helps you adjust to business environment
  • How to build a magnetic personal brand
  • How does your image boosts your professional growth
  • How to build immaculate impact
  • How it empowers your self-esteem and confidence
  • How this would be your best investment

Here’s Why This Is Important For You

  • Higher self-confidence
  • A leading edge
  • Greater credibility
  • Higher perceived value
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Recognition

Do you want to re-design and re-invent your image, be super confident, extremely charming & feel power packed for your roles and goals?

Learn how, in just 6 to 8 weeks, you can put an end to your self-imposed limitations and feel super confident & awesome than ever before... GUARANTEED!

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Image Consulting One-on-One packages

Are you a Corporate professional, Media & Entertainment Industry Professional, Education Professional, Entrepreneur, Artist/Singer/Youtuber, Homemaker, Student?

Work with me and we will design an approach just for you.We’ll work one-on-one together with shared accountability, hyper focus, and (sometimes) tough love so you discover & learn to be the best version of YOU, aligned with your roles & goals in life

Pro Package

₹ 34500/

  • Intro Call/Session
  • 16 Hours Of Consulting
  • Detailed Analysis & Recommendations

QUICK 5 Package

₹ 9500/

  • Intro Call
  • 5 Hours Of Consulting
  • Visual Analysis & Recommendations
  • Quick Makeover

Pay-As-You-Go Package

₹ 2500/

  • Intro Call
  • Top Up Session
  • Specific Requirement / Shoot Consultations / Event

Corporate Training - Your Business Needs To Stay Dynamic


Executive Presence


Executive presence is quiet confidence. A combination of personal traits and outward behaviours that create an image of leadership competence and trustworthiness.It is a trait that all executives know they need, but its definition is not clear. Is it charisma? Is it grace under pressure?
Rather than leave things to chance and hope that you have what it takes, it’s smart to take proactive steps to build this important leadership element.

It benefits the organisation brand quotient as well as carves confident employees, which leads to growth of organisation.

Make Your Business Dynamic

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