Hi There!
I am Richa, Your Coach

I love working with people who want to change & transform their lives for better & align their HEAD & HEART!
So when I hear……
“I want to set a goal”
“I want to change my profession”
“I feel stuck, help me move on”
“I am willing to transform”
“I want to work on my relationship”

It makes me even more focussed because all we need is willingness & belief to RESOLVE, CHANGE & GROW!

Life Coaching

Helping people see life from a different perspective, find solutions, grow & make their success stories.

Image Consulting

Your roadmap to building a powerful self-image, a business essential, an entrepreneurial pre-requisite, a leadership requirement & establish better personal connect & confidence

Let’s Bring solutions together for your life

Having spent more than a decade in personal growth, my aim is to help you expand vision of your future & experience a dramatic shift in different areas of your life like career, personal growth, relationships & work-life balance

Coaching For Individuals

Coaching for individuals In different areas of life

Executive Coaching

Coaching solutions for an empowered work environment

Mid-Life Coaching

Coaching for the Mid-Life confusions

Celebrity Coaching

Coaching to help & empower you to make, meet & exceed your own unique goal.

What’s The First Step To Take?

I love to work with people who are committed to bring change to their lives

We’ll work one-on-one together with shared accountability, hyper focus, and (sometimes) tough love
so you will get solutions & what you need to succeed.

Short Term Engagement

9 to 12 sessions of 1 hr each, Bi-monthly.
Starting with clarity around what you truly want, we’ll then address the desired state and keep you to a targeted plan for results.

Year Long Engagement

Bi-Monthly session of 1 hour each.
Free 5 extra hours of coaching.

“Pay-As-You-Go” Sessions

Post our free intro call or session book a “Top-up” session for a small specific situation or challenge

Schedule A Free Call

“Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change”